Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Florida Aquarium-Traveling with Kids- Part 2

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We took the girls to The Florida Aquarium in Tampa.  

family in front of the florida aquarium with city mini double stroller
The girls and I in front of the aquarium
It was a pretty good drive from where we were staying in Clearwater Beach. 

Some of the exhibit is hands on touching with sea creatures like the Horseshoe Crab and you can also see them through the aquarium glass. 

Notice I am the only one touching the crab!

A majority of the aquarium is more like a zoo with marine life.  In the zoo part, there is land, sea, and sky animals.  Most of the birds can roam around freely.  The upper part in the zoo has a Madagascar exhibit where they have Lemurs and other animals from Madagascar. 

There are some of the traditional style aquarium rooms to see.  Baby Bear's favorite was the Grouper because he does look like Mr. Grouper from Bubble Guppies.

We also love the pigmy seahorses because her horse at camp is a pony.  We talked about how they were similar and different.  There is a whole room with different kinds of seahorses and pipefish (a straight body seahorse)

It was more of an indoor zoo then the aquarium type that they have in Chicago. They also have an outdoor waterpark that we did not go to and a dolphin boat tour. (Great plus so bring suits and towels to take advantage of this).

Other info: to buy tickets go here
General Admission Regular
Seniors 60+$20.95$19.95
Children under 12$18.95$17.95
Children 2 & underFreeFree

Admission / Wild Dolphin Cruise ComboCombo Value Online Price
Seniors 60+$44.90$35.95
Children under 12$40.90$31.95
Children 2 & underFreeFree


  1. an aquarium/zoo/water park is an interesting combo---a little something for everyone!

  2. Florida Aquarium is one of the best I've been to, and a great educational/fun trip for the whole family!

  3. Florida Aquarium is one of the best in the country - if you get a chance the Dallas Aquarium is excellent as well. I always preferred aquariums to zoos!


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