Saturday, May 17, 2014

Busch Gardens-Part 3

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We took the girls to Busch Gardens.  

I had never been there before and knew that Baby Bear would love going on the rides and Mini loves Elmo.  They have a Sesame Street Safari area for kids.  

Mr. BBH tried to win a big stuffed animal.  It was really fun to watch him try!  I know if he did it a few more times he would have been able to do it, he is really strong! 

Baby Bear was just at the tip of the OK height for Sesame and she liked the rides.  There were no lines, so it was great for her to get to go on all of the fun mini rides.  We even briefly saw Elmo at the Sesame show.  {it was canceled after a few minutes do to Grover having a leg cramp. wtf?} 

The parts where you could see the animals were for kids over a certain age which was really disappointing.  We took a train ride through the preserve and saw some from afar.  It got too hot after a few hours so we stopped for lunch and went back to the hotel.  Mini got a little too hot and we stopped in the first aid station to have her looked at.  Thank God, she was just too hot.  

Family Tips:
  • Bring your own water bottles, snacks, hats, sunglasses, lots of sunscreen
  • Make sure that weather is on the cooler side and go early enough so you are there when the park opens and not in the heat of the day
  • Pay the $5 more for the premium parking so you can get to and from your car more easily.  There is still a small walk, but no tram ride to the entrance.  
  • Busch Gardens is better for kids under 3 {free! over 3-Baby Bear cost $96!} or kids  tall enough to go on all rides. {There is a certain height you have to be UNDER to go on the Sesame rides and a gap between the height to go on the big rides.}
  • Buy tickets online {they are $10 less} 

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