Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Upcycled Paper Dolls for Baby Bear

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upcycled paper dolls tutorial stamp

Baby Bear is such an enthusiastic kid and loves everything.. sometimes a little too much.  My aunt sent her a birthday card and she carried it around with her everywhere.  {I mean it has Lalaloopsy..wouldn't you?} So I got an idea how should could keep the card but in a way more fun way.

lalaloopsy card and scissors

Old Birthday Cards, Coloring Book Covers, etc. or make your own with cardboard
*Optional*lamination material like this

homemade lalaloopsy paper dolls

This is really simple.  Now just cut out the people, animals, scenery and play! If your paper is really thin then you will want to laminate it, glue it to cardboard or put contact paper on it to make it thick enough to play with. The best part it, these are so easy to put into a travel activity bag.  Baby Bear loves to use her imagination and talk to her toys, so this is a great easy toy.  
little girl playing with paper dolls

Baby Bear couldn't wait to play, so she took them to help her eat breakfast. 

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