Monday, September 2, 2013

DIY great for a Man Cave

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*Crafts from Camp*

So I made this awesome gift for my male camp staff member (bet you can't guess what his name is). (The girls all got something special and girly). 


Dustin was one of my woodworking staff members, so re-purposing this rusty saw as a gift for his college room was really fitting.  Since we are in Detroit, I chose a font similar to the Tigers 'D' and created it for my Silhouette Cameo in the Silhouette Studio by just using the font I wanted and doing a mirror image.
Detroit tigers logo letter D 
{I prefer my silhouette cameo for making vinyl decals over the cricut since you get to design your own shapes and can use any font you have on your computer} 

If you are using an electronic cutting machine, make sure you put it on mirror image and put the vinyl side down on the cutting mat.  It is much easier to cut the vinyl with the backing facing up.  {if you have any silhouette questions on set-up, please feel free to comment below}

Place your letters or decal on the surface that you want to paint on.  If the metal is too rusty, you may want to use the clear gloss spray paint before masking to give the sticker a surface to stick onto.  

saw with painters tape

Cover any additional parts that will not get spray painted with painters tape or your extra vinyl.

spray painted saw with vinyl letters

Spray with spray paint in even fast strokes.   You may
 want to a 2nd coat if the surface is not covered enough. I wanted mine to have a little extra dimension to it, so I added a few quick sprays of green.  Let dry fully before removing your tape and vinyl.

DIY personalized saw

Now spray with your clear coat to seal it and prevent it from rusting any further. 

Now give your gift or hang! 

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  1. What font did you use to create the "D"? I need a Detroit D for a project that I am working on and am having trouble finding on to use on my Silhouette. Thank you!


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