Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Baby Bear Tells A Fib

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Baby Bear started telling lies.  It was really really upsetting to hear her blatantly tell Mr. BBH something that was untrue.  I don't remember what it was exactly about, but I think it was about watching TV.  She asked me if she could watch TV and then she went up to Mr. BBH and said "Ema said I can watch TV".  

Then today I also got an e-mail from Baby Center about "Why Preschoolers Lie" 

'Your maturing preschooler probably gives you plenty of reason to feel proud: when he remembers to say "thank you," for example, or gives you an empathetic hug if he sees you're sad. So you may be thrown for a loop the first time your child tells a bald-faced lie. It's not deviance. An active imagination and a tendency to forget what happened ten minutes ago explain away most lying in this age group.'

I don't know if I believe it.. What do you think?

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