Sunday, July 21, 2013

Letting kinds be kids or Judging other Parents?

Pin It Now! A few weeks ago an acquaintance posted something on Facebook about how they took their child to a public place and another child pushed her son (similar age as Baby Bear).  It makes me think about my post 'Bad Parenting or Good Learning Experience'.  She was upset that her son got pushed (I hate it when anyone gets hurt and it sucks if it is another kid) and judged the other parent as a 'Bad Parent' for not being able to supervise each and every one of her children every second while they played in this arcade. 

I was trying to tell her that things like this happen, but I wrote "your kid will do the same thing sometime". [Which I sure is true since kids are kids.]

She wrote me a private message the other day saying "...Your comment the other day stating "your kid will do the same thing" was quite cruel and unexpected...My child and I got trampled by a child whose parents were in another room..
I take care of my son the best I can and considering you never made any comments before, I just felt this was out of line."

So she is judging these parents but if someone judges her then it is not OK?

What do you think?  What is your parenting philosophy when it comes to playground etiquette? 

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