Tuesday, July 23, 2013

DIY recycled Frame Scraps Chalk Board

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I really needed a central place to put a schedule in the Art Center where I am working for the summer.  I didn't want to buy a white board and had an idea to use some of the recycled materials that we already had.
We had an awesome donation from a friend of framing scraps for our wood working program.  You could probably find some scraps at a local frame shop that they trash if there is not enough usable materials left.

5 frame scraps 
Chalkboard Paint

We had an amazing selection of gorgeous frames to choose from.  We selected 3 frames that didn't match with a pattern on them for the top and sides.  For the bottom we selected a flat frame and a small frame with a lip that would act as a chalk ledge when attached to the flat frame. 

The corners were mitered, but did not match up perfectly since the frames were different patterns and widths, but that added to the charm.  The chalk ledge was attached to the bottom frame before it was attached to the wall.  Make sure to add a bead of wood glue to make it extra strong. 

The frame was screwed to the wall using a leveler to make sure that it was hung properly.  

Lastly, we added 2 coats of Rust-Oleum Chalk Board paint directly to the wall.  We are going to be using it for our schedule, but this would be a fun DIY for a mud room or kitchen! 

A special thanks to Nate, one of the professionals on our staff, helped us with the project.  

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