Monday, July 22, 2013

Forge of Honor

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I came across this really cute idea for kids bedtime toys on kickstarter that would be so cute for Baby Bear.  She recently has become scared of the dark and does not want to sleep alone.  

What if she had this pink plush sword and shield to defend her from the things that she might be scared of? 

The creator told me "My daughter, now 5, loves trying to get into our bed at night. She's scared of monsters. We took down her bedroom light because she said it was a big monster eye spying on her at night. Then we got her that huge Teddy Bear (it's in the video) and that lasted for a week. Now the Targimals and Bordor Blades & Shields are soothing her!

But in order for this product to be made, it needs to be funded on Kickstarter.  It is a website where you give money only if the amount is reached (give as little as $1) for the project.  If they do not reach their goal, you card is not charged for your donation.  It is a way of crowd funding projects without getting a bank loan.  'Over the past three years, the funding platform has raised more than $323 million for over 10,000 projects. In most cases, the funding is a fairly low number – less than $10,000. And more projects fail to meet their funding goals than those who succeed.' (cnbc)

I have never given money to any Kickstarter project before (I also have no gain for this project succeeding .  I just think it is a really great idea and would love to get one for Baby Bear! 

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