Monday, September 29, 2014

Things about me you didn't know

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I realize that you might know a lot about Baby Bear and Mini and not so much about me.  I also sometimes lose myself in my children (for the good and bad) and decided to focus on myself for the minute. 

1. I have one less set of ribs
{it must be genetic because my aunt has the same thing!}

2. All of the first born girls on my dad's side are named after my great grandma Esther (Brooke Esther)

3. My parents almost named me Barry. Bonnie and B'nai were also in the running. Can you picture me as a Bonnie?? They came up with Brooke last minute.

4. My brother Ben also has a B name. We call my sister Bissa/Biss (Marissa) so that she can have a B name too!

4. I everything to do with art except for drawing since I don't feel that I am so good at it.

5. Wanted to be a Rabbi when I was in High School and some of University

6. I can't spell and am so glad for spell checker!!

7. I had to take Hebrew pass/fail in college because I was so bad at it! (I took Hebrew and Spanish) I love languages.

8. I have really bad handwriting.  I wish that I had handwriting like my cousin, I think hers is the best and have since I was really little.

9. I don't like beef and lamb of the bone. I was a vegetarian for 6 years and now I just don't really eat it. If I do it would have to be Kosher, but I think the texture is gross! I don't like cheese and I am lactose intolerant too. I have even gone back and forth between being Raw Vegan before I had kids.

10. I love jewelry and gemstones and always have. I used to go door to door when I was really little and sell my beaded things to neighbors. I was like 5 maybe.

11. My cousin and I have a summer camp in my backyard for 3 years. It was called Camp Fun in the Sun. It was all the neighborhood kids my sister's age. I would even walk them home!

12. I had my adenoids taken out when I was little.

13. I played soccer in high school on on the Maccabi Detroit soccer team. I was really bad but we won bronze!

14. I don't understand how to play football no matter how many times it has been explained. I somehow understand when U of Michigan plays. Go Blue!!

15. I dressed up as a Michigan State Cheerleader for Halloween with my cousin Erica and used to want to be a Spartan. Good thing I got over that!!

16. I have coral in my foot.

17. My parents did not meet my husband until after we go married. We got married so that he could get paper to come to the US and have a wedding there. In hind sight I wish that I would have made everyone come to Israel. We only wanted to have a justice of the peace type thing, but you need a minyan. It ended up being around 30 people and we had a party after.

18. I used to have a dog named Max and I still cry when I think about him. I never thought I would love anything more then him and the love for my daughters far surpasses.

19. My husband and I have 2 wedding anniversaries. A Hebrew date when we were legally and religiously married and the English date of the one in the US.

18. I like to sew and even made some quilts and a chuppah for my bestie

I like to return things. Not sure why but my aunt says that I always would buy stuff then return it.

The best falafel in the world is at the Beer Sheva bus station. 

21. I had a parakeet named T.C for Too Cute when I was in elementary school.  My parents came home really late and I was home alone and I was scared and put the bird cage next to me. The went out the next day and got our old dog Taffy the next day.

22. I really miss the home that I grew up in and my parents sold 2 years ago.

23. I wish that I could make everything homemade from scratch for my family.  {I really try}

I originally posted some {screen shot from my Facebook Feed}
 of these I came up with a few years ago and some are new.  I really tried to keep it about me and erased some things that were about my kids and I. 

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  1. loved this! I was awful in Hebrew too. Took it in college. This is the person you met in the park about a year ago! Hope you are well! L'Shana Tova!


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