Monday, June 9, 2014

Raising a Bilingual Child~Hebrew Speaking Toys

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I found this amazing store that has toys, books, games and DVDs in Hebrew that ships to the US.  

It is really expensive for my inlaws to send toys and books and I have been trying to find a store like this since Baby Bear was little.  We got this really cool Taltol doll to try from Pashoshim.  

It is so important that children have all different kinds of language interactions.  Using a doll to teach Hebrew interactive skills helps with speech patterns and sound formation.  

With all of the different languages spoken around them, it helps them to interact with their doll in Hebrew.

Mini and Baby Bear fought over whose doll that i was they loved it so much.  There are setting for day and night on the back.  The Taltol doll talks and sings when you hold her hands, tap her feet, or touch the star on her chest. 

Mini had so much fun pressing the start button since it lights up in the dark room.  She speaks Hebrew and you could see the girls face light up when they recognized that it spoke the same language as them.  They often switch to English, but since the doll speaks Hebrew, they speak Hebrew with the doll. 


Here is a video to show how Mini interacts with her doll. You can also see how to change the doll from day to night in the video. 

Go here to see all of the great Hebrew products.

PS.  we also love & own these books that are also available through Pashoshim! You can click on the images to go to their page.  


{these are NOT affiliate links, I just feel that education is so important, I want to give you these resources!}

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