Thursday, January 2, 2014

Simple Drawing Skill for Preschool Age Kids-The Ruler

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Both of my kids have crazy good small motor control.  I taught Baby Bear how to use a ruler to make straight lines.  I thought that the ruler would be something different that would challenge her to be creative in new ways.  

Baby Bear also liked the word ruler since it was the same as the word that can be used for other things.  We talked about how it can be used to tell how tall something is or how far apart things are.  

When starting to use the ruler, always model the technique that you want to show the child.  Then you can hold their hands to do it one time and see if they understand the movements needed for the instrument. I also had to help and hold the ruler for her so it would stay in one place. 

The simple challenge of using the ruler to just make lines was so interesting to her.  She liked how all of the colors could be used to make long lines.  She didn't want me to show her how to make shapes with the rules by changing the placement.  

Next time we will work on creating designs and shapes with our straight line!

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  1. Awesome! I would like to start teaching my little one simple activities soon too! I'm planning the same method as you've done to your Baby Bear.


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