Sunday, January 20, 2013

Things only a Grandparent can do {via modern technology}

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Baby Bear just assumes that when she talks to someone that there is the possibility to FaceTime or Skype and see them.  She is growing up in a world where this is the default and your friends and family can join you at anytime on real time video.  

Tonight Baby Bear really did not want to go to bed in her own bed and was having a hysterical breakdown.  Mr. BBH was not home.  I tried to calm her down and put her back in bed, but nothing worked.  I called my Dad {Baby Bear's "Babba"} since I knew her would help and not judge my parenting {my mom totally would tell me what to do!}.  

I got Baby Bear to go in her own bed with a promise that Babba would FaceTime.  My Dad called and then sang her some songs until she was ready to lay down and go to bed.  It was great and she even got to see his face while he was singing to her.  Incredible.

Nanna & Babba with Baby Bear outside their potential new house

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