Thursday, January 10, 2013

Raising a Bilingual Child {2 years 4 months}

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raising a bilingual child אני מדברת עברית
raising a bilingual child

Where, What, WHO? Language Development

Baby Bear is into a new language phase.  She want to know where everyone is all the time.  She always asks us in Hebrew:

"Where is [insert name here]?" "Where are they?"  

It gets kind of ridiculous because all day long she comes up with the names of anybody that she ever knew and asks where they are.  Sometimes after I answered the question a few times, I will ask her where they are!  My sister moved to Worcester, Mass. 

She lived with us for a month before she moved to help with Baby Bear when Mini came and to spend lots of time with Baby Bear before going back to school.  She knows that her Uncle 'Bean' sees her on FaceTime, but her Mima {what she calls my sister Marissa} usually comes over to see her a few times a week with her Basset Hound Annie.  Now when I asked her where Mima was, she pointed to the phone.  

She also wants to know what every thing is.  She always asks what objects and sounds are in Hebrew if she doesn't know what it is or what it is called.  Everything has to have a name now that she is talking up a storm.  She loves knowing names of people.  She will go and name all of the friends that she saw that day for me.  Then she asks where they are   after we leave.  

The best part of all of this is that she is very concerned where Mini Bear is.  If she can't see her face, she will ask "Where is Mini?"  I love that she cares about her in this way. 

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