Tuesday, February 12, 2019

The NEWEST Baby Bear!

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It's been almost one year since this little guy came into our lives.  I'm starting with a healthy photo, so we can go back in time and see all of the amazing miracles that he is!  

Our middle daughter was a C-Section, since she was going to be large.  I had the option of what I wanted to do for this guy, and decided that C-Section was again the safest way for him to be born. Well... he wasn't ready and his lungs didn't get all of the goo squeezed out during the birthing process, so he was born purple and breathing way too fast.  He was rushed to the Special Care Unit (there was no NICU at the hospital that he was born at).   We were told that it would be a few hours and then he would be brought to my room.  Hours passed and it because clear that his condition was worse than originally thought.  

This photo was taken in his NICU pod. 

We waited 3 whole days before the hospital would let us hold him. 


They withheld feeding him because we were told that he was unable to eat. They later inserted a GI tube and fed him through the tube.  They would only let us hold him for short amounts of time.  

He didn't grow and was showing liver problems.  But not typical jaundice that was reversed by the UV lights.  He was not allowed by the hospital to have visitors. 

notice the unusual skin color that he has in the photo

We were told that he might have Biliary Atresia.  It is a condition caused by the bile duct system being absent or malformed in the body.  We were told that he had holes in his heart.  He was transported to the University of Michigan Mott Children's Hospital NICU.  He traveled in this pod in an ambulance to the hospital.  

Mott Children's Hospital knew how to handle him much better.  His sisters were able to meet him for the first time when he was almost a month old.  

More about our Biliary Atresia and Alagille Syndrome Journey to come.  

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