Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Setting Up My Art Room

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I have an amazing classroom to set up! 

It needs a little bit of TLC to whip it into shape. This room was the art room, then used as a classroom, and now needs to be made into an art room. 



  I had to organize a lot of supplies that were left. I had amazing help from a friend to do this as well as Mr. BBH, Mini and Baby. 

I wanted to share some of the secrets that I learned from other teachers to help you set up your own room.  The teacher that I taught for during a guest teaching position had a great organization to help reuse paper.  I have so many carts because unfortunately this school was an "art on a cart" school in years before.  I used the cart as my sorting station, and it can be moved around the classroom for students to use or put large scraps in.  

If you want to use this idea, here are the simple labels that I made an laminated.  What are your art room secrets?!

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