Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Selfies for Art Assessment

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I'm starting my year teaching and I want to share all of the great things that I am working on.  Sharing things with other teachers makes such a big difference and only benefits the students, so I want to share many of my ideas, resources and printables that I am creating for school.

I am teaching at a school in Detroit that has never had any art classes.  I want to be able to assess what my students know instinctively or have been taught about drawing.  A fun simple way to be able to assess their learning without giving them a worksheet with questions, is to give them something to let loose.  A self portrait can also share with me ways that students feel about themselves personally.  I can keep in in their file and refer back to it to see how much a student has grown  with their skills in the course.  

Using the Selfie, a pop culture reference that they all know is a sneaky way to get them to draw a self portrait.  If I said to them that it will be a "seIf portrait", it may sound scary.  don't know what to assume that they know or don't know, so it will be fun to watch them go without giving any instructions on how to draw a face.  

I also have an image of a polaroid frame to surround their selfie.  I don't know if any of them have seen a real polaroid, so it is something to tell the student about myself and use it to show some pictures of me and my family.
It would be fun to bring one in as a follow up lesson or as a special treat!

An essential question for your project:
What can artworks tell us about a culture or society?

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