Sunday, January 11, 2015

Secrets for Easy Image Editing Online!

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When I started blogging, I wanted an easy platform for putting photos from my phone to my blog.  I used Flickr and picnik to edit my photos.  They seamlessly worked together so that you could take photos from Flickr, then edit and save back on Flickr and put onto my blog.  Then with the rise of pinterest, flickr was not as pinterest friendly so I switched to the new Google+ and the picasa/picnik editor that was available on the Google+ platform OK but not great.  

picnik is closing screen shot

It was a sad day since the Google+ editor was not great and they eventually took the entire thing away.  I tried a few different tools online and also using Adobe Photoshop before I found PicMonkey and fell in love!  I do love Adobe Photoshop but it is a lot easier to be able to do everything online.  It is a little more complicated using Photoshop because I have to use a specific computer and it is very expensive to upgrade.  I also don't always need something that has faster features to do a batch of photos at a time.  The results from PicMonkey are good enough quality for blogging and it keeps everything on my blog looking similar. 

You can see the diversity of things that I did using PicMonkey.   I am a PicMonkey Royal member since I use the site a lot, but you can do a lot of this for free. PicMonkey is so easy to use, but just in case I included my video tutorial. In this tutorial, I teach you how to use the basic editing functions needed to edit and save a photo.  


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