Sunday, February 9, 2014

Activities with Toddlers~Smelling Spices

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skill building activities with toddlers-sense of smell

Baby Bear and I taught Mini how to smell spices. 

different spices for baby bear hugs blog

Things you will need:
Spices of all different types for your child to smell 

young girl smelling cinnamon spice

Be sure to demonstrate what you want your toddler to do.  Be very obvious that you are smelling and coach them to use their nose and sniff.

baby eating spices

Mini didn't understand what we wanted her to do at first, and kept trying to put it in her mouth. {but that is OK, let them safely explore}

By the end she was using her nose to sniff. 

 We could even hear her sniff.  Now that she understands the concept, I asked her to smell other things like flowers and fruit. She knows what it means and how to do the action!

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