Friday, August 23, 2013

The Bear and the Birdie

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We took our dog out in the morning and saw a bird that was hopping around near us and had a hurt wing.   Baby Bear went up to it right away as I was taking the dog to find her 'spot' and went to pick up the birdie {ala Snow White}.  

I put it in a box since it was hurt and we gave it a few things that it may like to eat.  I didn't know what to do with it and it was a little finch so I thought maybe we could just put it in a cage since it had the broken wing.  Baby Bear really loved her birdie.

Totally on her own (and still in PJs) she built a 'bird house' for her birdie.  

Sadly though, when we came home with the bird cage, the bird had already died.  

She cried when I said that it would not wake up and then that was it. "Ima my birdie is just sleeping".

I decided that I would tell her the truth about the bird since we both saw that it was not moving.  I had to explain about how it was not going to wake up.  I know that it is a complex concept for a little kid to understand; however,but  believe that it is best to always be honest and give accurate terms to describe things.  

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