Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dog Shaming {an admission from my dog}

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I know that pet shaming is so passe, but I saw some really funny cat ones today and decided to shame my dog. I love my dog, but she has been a little crazy lately.  She is a DOG and not a lap dog like my late Doxie.  Ever since Mini came on the scene, she is super sensitive.  She got sent home from the groomers because she was growling and they did not want to take any chances. (she has being going there for years to get a mani/pedi and a bath) 

dog shaming growling at the groomer

I was so surprised when she recently started getting scared during storms.

Since I couldn't walk the dog with Baby Bear in the winter very easily, Mr. BBH took on the job.

dog shaming

There were a few more that I wanted to do, but my dog was onto me and kept walking away!

Here are some others that also apply to her:

I am mean to other dogs when I am on the leash

I steal food from babies

I jump though the pass-through window into the kitchen when nobody is looking. 

If I breathe in your face, you may pass out from my breath.

I bark in my sleep..very often

This is one of the funny cat-shaming photos that I came across today and laughed out load at this one

cat shaming

I have to admit that I am NOT a cat person, so most of them I am just laughing at them. But this one, with my late Doxie Max, this was so true and I could totally relate!! 

Now if only it was appropriate to do this to your kids...

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