Sunday, April 27, 2014

My Summer Toy Crushes!

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Summer is a time that you always want to have something fun up your sleeve for all of those hot days.   We can't wait to get out and start playing after such a long and cold winter. This is my list of summer toys that I have or want to try out with my kids.  We are outside all summer at camp, so we have plenty of time to play! 

YBIKE Balance Bike is the best!  We got this for Baby Bear when she was 1 1/2.  It teaches them balance so that they can go right onto a bike without training wheels.  We got ours at a local toy store called Toyology

Kinderbike Morph- goes from balance to pedal bike
I would love to upgrade Baby Bear to this Balance Bike, the Kinderbike Morph that you can add wheels to.  My parents got her a bike with training wheels and I'm not convinced that is the way to go because suddenly she can't balance like she did on the Ybike. 

We need an outdoor kids seating set for my parents house.  This Teamson Design Outdoor Set matches our Magic Garden Cubby.  There is also an umbrella so that the kids stay in the shade.   I like the idea that kids furniture can be beautiful and whimsical!  

For me, I am thinking about ordering this really cool bike helmet covers by RockiNoggins.  These covers go over existing helmets and are much less than other expensive similar styles that are built onto the helmet. The company also shows them with cute flowers and pins to change the look of the hat by adding them, (or you can add your own creative touch by making your own).  I wish that I could find them in a local store to try on.  You can order them on Amazon. 

KidKraft has this really cool outdoor sandbox with a canopy. My girls will play for hours in the sand at my parents house.  They don't have anything as a border between the grass and the sand, so this might be a great option to make it a defined area.  Kidkraft has a pirate boat sandbox that is also super cool.  

How cute is the Melissa & Doug Seaside Sidekicks Sand Baking Set sandbox kit!  It gives a whole new angle to making a sandcake.  

We also like the Melissa & Doug Blossom Bright Kids' Gardening Tote Set.  I believe in teaching kids to grow food and flowers at a young age.  This makes it fun from them to have their own kit to help sow seeds and water.  Plus the Melissa & Doug things that we purchased in the past are always really nice quality. 


  1. I love them all, I can't wait for summer

  2. Those are great - I also think the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe is a classic summer toy. I had it and they still make them!


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