Sunday, June 23, 2013

Small Motor Skills Bead Activity

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You don't need to work at a summer camp to do art projects! This isn't even anything that i will be doing with campers this summer.  

Baby Bear has incredible small motor skills, so she likes to do creative activities that challenge her.  Lining the beads up and putting them on the pegs is great for dexterity and for patience, because you need to fill the entire surface with beads before you can iron it.  

Perler Beads/Hama Beads
Peg Boards
Ironing Paper

Do an example of how the beads work for your child. It might help is you do it a few times to show that how to fill in an area like I did on the head for Baby Bear. 

Additionally, we went over colors and numbers while playing with the project.

I had Baby Bear stand back from the table if she wanted to watch me iron the beads.  Iron in circles until the beads start to melt.  You can check under the paper to see if they are fused together. 

As Baby Bear says "Ta-Lah"

PSThis activity might not be appropriate for all 2 year olds, so use your judgement and caution when working with small objects that can be choking hazards.

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