Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Baby Bear and her REAL Pony!

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Baby Bear will be at summer camp all summer and so she will not get to see our dog very much.  I told her that instead, she will get to have a pony for the summer.  I have been telling her that she gets a little horse called a pony for a few weeks.  She told me right away that her horse's name was Karat. 

 I had to go work at camp for a pre-camp day for new campers.  I was able to bring Baby Bear with me so that she could see what camp was like so that it was familiar for her when we come for the summer as a camper.  She got to stay with me as the kids came though the art station.  Baby Bear was so excited to see her 'friends' (the kids).  

This shirt was mine when I was little!

After the kids left for the day, we walked over to the pony enclosure. There were 2 in there and they ran so fast to where we jumped the fence.  

little girl with 2 ponies

She thought that Karat knew that she was coming since they ran over to her.  She got to pet them both and decided that the white one is Karat.

She can't wait to go back and she her Pony!

Here is Karat rolling like a dog on it's back. 

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