Friday, August 22, 2014

My Summer Project

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I had this crazy idea that I was going to do 4 giant mosaics on the front of my art building.  I enlisted one of my staff members that I know would support me on anything, was a great draw-er, and I knew I could count on her.  

I had this rudimentary drawing and she fine tuned it.  Maddie took the idea and ran with it.  We problem solved together but in the end, it was her baby.  I can't believe how gorgeous it is every time I look at it.  Our campers did all of the glass layout and gluing it down. 

Here is the almost finished project (the chalk boards are not in yet).  It took more than a month to plan, but we made the mosaic part in a little more than two weeks.  

The fire on the outdoor scene was one piece the I made and fused in the glass kiln.  

The ceramic pot in the hamsa was made by maddie out of clay.  All of the objects in the hamsa represent the different art disciplines that we have: Ceramics, Jewelry/Metalwork, Painting, Woodworking, Glass, and Sewing. 

I had a hard time even writing about the mosaic because I kept looking at it, I love it so much! 

Want a mosaic for your house or business? Contact me!! 

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